Stand-Alone Air Purification Solutions

Cleaner, healthier air is powerful. It can transform the way we feel, think, work, and play. From the kids in classrooms at our local schools to the essential workers keeping our warehouses open, and employees working from homes with cleaner air. Delos Powered by HealthWay Advanced Air Purification can help people anywhere breathe easier.
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DELOS Powered by Healthway – compact

The Delos Powered by HealthWay Advanced Air Compact air purifier is perfect for classrooms, bedrooms, personal offices, hotel rooms, kitchens, and any space up to 550 sq. ft.​

It’s portable and easy to use. Simply plug it in and begin to experience cleaner, healthier air.

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delos Powered by Healthway – ULTRAFINE

Perfect for larger bedrooms, living rooms, hotel suites, and bigger home offices, Delos Powered by HealthWay 468 Ultrafine offers next-level air purification.​

Low energy consumption and simple maintenance make this plug-and-play air purifier the perfect solution for spaces up to 1,125 sq ft.

Delos 950 Test V1 Png

delos Powered by Healthway – 950p

Crafted to accommodate large, open-concept spaces, the Delos Powered by HealthWay 950P Commercial air purifier is ideal for warehouses, auditoriums, cafeterias, gyms, hallways, and more.​

Your bigger, better air solution for spaces up to 3,500 sq ft.

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